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I change for a Change and I dont change for that change

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Running Log - Latest 30 Full List and Summary can be seen here
Streak #DateActivityDistanceTimePaceSpeed
225-August-2016R+Ex5.0100:43:328 Min 41 Sec 6.91
124-August-2016R+Ex13.0801:55:348 Min 50 Sec 6.79
221-August-2016R+Ex12.2601:48:378 Min 51 Sec 6.77
120-August-2016R+Ex11.2701:35:538 Min 30 Sec 7.05
416-August-2016R+Ex10.0701:32:309 Min 11 Sec 6.53
315-August-2016R+Ex11.2801:42:399 Min 6 Sec 6.59
214-August-2016R+Ex10.5001:32:538 Min 51 Sec 6.78
113-August-2016R+Ex1.9700:15:327 Min 52 Sec 7.61
610-August-2016R+Ex4.6200:40:318 Min 46 Sec 6.84
509-August-2016R+Ex2.4200:20:308 Min 28 Sec 7.08
408-August-2016R+Ex5.3400:44:338 Min 20 Sec 7.19
307-August-2016R+Ex4.1100:33:428 Min 12 Sec 7.32
206-August-2016R+Ex4.3600:37:158 Min 32 Sec 7.02
105-August-2016R+Ex2.4100:20:248 Min 27 Sec 7.09