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I change for a Change and I dont change for that change

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Running Log - Latest 30 Full List and Summary can be seen here
Streak #DateActivityDistanceTimePaceSpeed
401-October-2016R+Ex16.1502:14:118 Min 18 Sec 7.22
330-September-2016R+Ex3.0100:23:337 Min 49 Sec 7.67
229-September-2016R+Ex10.2501:21:397 Min 58 Sec 7.53
128-September-2016R+Ex6.3300:50:027 Min 54 Sec 7.59
326-September-2016R+Ex4.1800:36:078 Min 38 Sec 6.94
225-September-2016R+Ex10.6601:32:438 Min 42 Sec 6.90
124-September-2016R+Ex5.1300:45:388 Min 54 Sec 6.75
122-September-2016R+Ex2.1100:21:2710 Min 10 Sec 5.90
411-September-2016R+Ex14.1702:17:389 Min 42 Sec 6.18
310-September-2016R+Ex6.3600:52:388 Min 16 Sec 7.25
209-September-2016R+Ex6.3400:48:067 Min 35 Sec 7.91
108-September-2016R+Ex5.5200:41:007 Min 25 Sec 8.08
105-September-2016R+Ex10.0301:17:297 Min 43 Sec 7.77
102-September-2016R+Ex14.3702:09:389 Min 1 Sec 6.65